2020 Vision with Gerry Hussey

Ok so….. with Roz Purcell Here Roz Purcell welcomes back friend Gerry Hussey to help us find closure in 2020 and offer us some serious 2021 mindset to kick things off on the right foot. She also shares some of the best good news stories of 2020, ghost stories and useless facts you can share…

Yoga Class

Yoga – Far Beyond the Physical

Yoga for Mind, Body and Spirit ~ by Integrated Health and Wellness Coach and Yoga teacher Miriam Kerins Hussey. Why all of a sudden has yoga become the next big craze? Is it the new ‘on trend’ exercise regime? Is it suddenly fashionable to be strolling down the street in your new yoga pants, coffee…


Rising & Thriving in Transition & Change

In this webinar for the Chartered Accountants Association, Ireland Gerry will share some of the innovative techniques that he uses with high-performing individuals, sports and business teams to help them rise & thrive, even in adverse circumstances. He will discuss the science behind them and ensure they are both relevant and applicable, regardless of the…