Kenneth runs Green Earth Organics farm, based in Galway. A 40 acre organic farm producing a wide range of seasonal vegetables. The farm and business is

Centred on sustainability and protecting biodiversity. There are native forest areas, wild native Irish hedgerows, beehives and traditional Irish apple trees on the farm.

The buildings are powered by solar energy from roof top PV panels and the rainwater is harvested for irrigation. The business supplies it’s boxes and

fresh produce to homes all over Ireland. There are currently a staff of 35 with offices in Galway and Dublin. Kenneth is a qualified medicinal chemistry with a Ph.D in

Chemistry from Cambridge University and has worked in large multinational pharmaceutical companies and in small biotech companies. He gave up

His career in organic chemistry in 2004 to come back to Ireland to the family farm and start his organic business. From Organic chemist to organic farmer