Dual-trained in Electronic Engineering (NUI Galway) and Naturopathic Nutrition, Maev is a practicing registered Nutritional Therapist, educator, speaker and a healthcare technology consultant.

With a special interest in prevention and lifestyle, Maev Creaven Nutrition offers nutrition and wellness services to a range of clients from the private individual to corporate wellbeing packages for larger organisations. One of Maev’s missions is help people make change to their nutrition and lifestyle before they actually have to!

By working closely with her clients, Maev delivers tailored programmes to suit the knowledge and health goals of each as an individual. Maev also advises clients from the chronically ill to high performance CEOs, how they can reclaim ownership of their health to live a healthier life, personally and professionally.

Maev’s innovative approach specialises in Lifestyle and Functional Medicine, an emerging and growing field in the USA. Lifestyle and Functional Medicine is a newer healthcare model to replace a failed system that has resulted in a growing epidemic of chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

In 2016 Maev founded Functional Medicine Conference Ltd (FMC), to offer international trainings in Ireland to medical doctors, nutritional and healthcare professionals. This conference now attracts world leaders and teachers in lifestyle and root cause medicine.

Maev is also director for The Nutritional Therapists of Ireland organisation, holds advisory positions for healthcare and supplement companies. Maev’s nutrition clinics are in Galway, Dublin and online. Maev enjoys being active from yoga to spending time outdoors, with a great interest in cooking and travelling.