On 15th September at Soul Space, Sharon will guide you into a deeper awareness of self through meditation to release blocks and fears on a subconscious level. 
Sharon published her story in December 2018 ‘Someone please help me, so I did‘ where she shares with the world how 
she overcame trauma from childhood abuse which led to severe anxiety, depression and nearly ending her life. 
It took me to nearly die to realise I truly wanted to live! I now live my best life every day doing what I love and sharing with as many people as possible. 

I found and studied tools and techniques that helped me heal and recover, so now I guide people to the tools that may help them in their own healing. 
I do this through meditation, mindfulness, Reiki energy therapy, self-awareness, personal development, clinical hypnotherapy and hypnoanalysis.  

I have been guest speaker at many events and organisations sharing my experiences in order to help others understand that we can create change on a daily basis –  one step at a time.
I see clients every week one to one, facilitate mindfulness & meditation classes, reiki energy training, facilitating monthly workshops and weekend retreats to work on a deeper level of awareness mind, body and spirit.
My goal is to live life to the fullest every day connecting to people and sharing my joy of life,  but also with the understanding that we all struggle, we all face challenges and we all need support.

For more information on Sharon please see her website www.sharonfitzmauricemindfulness.com
Instagram @sharonfitzmaurice_wellbeing
Twitter @AuthorTherapist